The exhibition project Adventure Game (2009) is an example of applications of collective trauma and stigma. At the exhibition, I present the part of my diploma work as a new reinstallation – Permeability, which is proof of my random discovery of unknown underpainting. The object seems to be controversial at first. I reflected loop projection of X-ray image of the underpainting on its own surface. Painting is used in the installation as an object, which studies the relationship between the icon covering the idol. The icon and the idol represent the clear symbols of the good and the bad. The relationship is indicated by the first original author of underpainting (dated after World War II) in the staged composition, in which the icon and the idol overlay. While the background is not deforming the upper layer, at first sight, the upper part affects and reacts to the portrait compositionally. In the confrontation of bipolarity, the icon gets a new dimension, which wouldn’t be reached easily within a common visual form of the devotional object.

Anabela Sládek

TITLEPermeability SVK TITLE PriepustnostiYEAR2008MEDIUMprojection, objectVENUEsolo exhibition Adventure Game, Nitra Gallery, Bunker (2009), solo exhibition Limes Gallery Komarno (2011)